With the April NPD results, we've also received the complete count of total hardware sales across all available consoles and handhelds in North America. Not surprisingly the PlayStation 2 leads with 38.2 million sold. Though not a console, the GameBoy Advance has went on to sell an impressive 35.7M. The GameCube shows that it is clearly Nintendo's poorest attempt, with a mere 11.7M sold. The Nintendo DS has managed to sell 10.9M units, meanwhile the newer and more expensive PSP isn't too far behind with 7.4M.

Clearly, all eyes are on the newest combatants of the console world, and the race is still pretty tight. Despite a full year start, the Xbox 360 has sold 5.4M to date, and the Wii (although a cheaper console) is almost half-way there. The PlayStation 3 has accumulated 1.3M in sales and also being the most expensive, though talk of an approaching price-cut is circulating very, very heavily.

PS2 – 38.2 million

GBA – 35.7 million

GameCube – 11.7 million

Nintendo DS – 10.9 million

PSP – 7.4 million

Xbox 360 – 5.4 million

Wii – 2.5 million

PS3 – 1.3 million

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