You've all heard of Black Friday. But in this day and age, nobody should be surprised to hear about Cyber Monday.

The online equivalent of one of the biggest shopping days of the year is today, so log on to your favorite retailer websites and check out the deals. Gamers should probably head over to GameStop , where there are quite a few featured Cyber Monday sales.

You can grab awesome titles like Dishonored , Sleeping Dogs , and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for only $30, Borderlands 2 has been knocked down to $40, and Max Payne 3 , Lollipop Chainsaw , Saints Row: The Third , and a couple Sony collections ( Ratchet & Clank Collection and inFamous Collection ) sit at a paltry $20 apiece. There are some great Nintendo deals as well and if you hit the PS3 tab, you can check out all the available discounted titles.

Many of the featured games are either award winners from 2011 or likely award winners in 2012. Whether you're doing some shopping for yourself or someone else, you should take advantage of these attractive deals.

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8 years ago

And here I'm thinking of jumping on Max Payne…

edit/ and, no, I don't have a thing for him lol

Last edited by PoopsMcGee on 11/26/2012 11:49:02 AM

8 years ago

GS didn't have anything I could afford for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

But thanks to a couple of free $25 GS gift cards, I was able to get in on their Buy 2, get 1 Free used games deal during Black Friday(on Thursday), and I got Max Payne 3, Ghost Recon:Future Soldier, & Suda 51's Shadows Of The Damned which I've been looking for on the cheap ever since it first came out.

So I was even more thankful on Thanksgiving.