And so it goes…brace yourself for the hardware results,
folks, they aren't pretty for Sony. For the month of April it was
Nintendo once again who came out on top, proving that the world
just isn't ready to throw down their cash on next-gen consoles.
The Wii sold 360k systems, and the Nintendo DS brought home 471k.
Sony sold 194k PlayStation 2s and 183k PSPs. Despite the $30
price-drop, it doesn't look like the PSP gained much steam in
sales. But the two losers of the month are the Xbox 360 with
174k, and worse so the PlayStation 3 with an absurdly low 82k.

Nintendo DS: 471k

Nintendo Wii: 360k

Sony PS2: 194k

Sony PSP: 183k

Xbox 360: 174k

Nintendo GBA: 84k

Sony PS3: 82k

GameCube: 13k

Nintendo DS 508,000

PlayStation 2 280,000

Wii 259,000

Xbox 360 199,000

PlayStation Portable 180,000

Game Boy Advance 148,000

PlayStation 3 130,000

GameCube 22,000

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