We know Heavenly Sword will feature a single-player mode (duh), but we had no idea the team might be prepping a multiplayer mode as well. It won't be included out of the box, but according to Ninja Theory co-founder, Tameem Antoniades, there is the possibility of a downloadable multiplayer option.

"Maybe we will decide to go down that route sometime soon," said Antoniades in a recent interview with EuroGamer. "And when we do, it won't just be slapped-on to please marketing tick-boxes. You can be assured that we have our sights on multiplayer."

Of course, we have no idea if they're talking about head-to-head or Co-op, here, but then again, what difference does it really make? A multiplayer mode is almost always a nice addition to have, especially if the game is crazy fun to play. As of now, Antoniades says the game is 90% complete, which means it should hit their estimated September release date.

Heavenly Sword has long since been one of the most anticipated PS3 titles out there, so any available multiplayer mode, easily downloaded from the Network, would be a big bonus. We'll let you know if anything else develops, here.

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