Voice acting has never been more important in this industry. Without it, the story can really fall apart fast .

And it doesn't have to be a role-playing game, either. There are a great many adventures that put a premium on dialogue and although the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot may not have a ton of dialogue, quality voices are still critical.

After all, if you want that patented DMC attitude and swagger, you need just the right personalities. In the latest Making Of video – dubbed "Fighting the Power" – for Ninja Theory's anticipated action extravaganza, Sage Mears and David de Lautour chat about their roles as Kat and Vergil respectively. Kat appears to be a newcomer to the series but hey, she kinda fits right in, doesn't she? Vergil is especially important as he is Dante's brother and has been a part of the DMC universe from the beginning. Check it out: