Fighting games could always use a few little tweaks here and there, especially when it comes to balancing and stability.

A lot of fans have asked for Capcom to release just such a patch for Street Fighter X Tekken and now, according to Shoryuken citing the Japanese Ayano Blog, that update is coming on January 29.

Evidently, this patch "contains some major system and balance changes" so as to address the myriad of complaints from gamers. These issues have accumulated since the title's mostly successful launch back in March and although the developers initially promised a mid-December patch release, you can be patient, right? In addition to altering the balance, the update will also tweak the throw system, gray damage, and quick combos, so the end result should be a more stable, complete package.

If you haven't already, you can check out our review ; just bear in mind that I'm not a huge fighting fan, so I may not have noticed as many balance problems as the hardcore. 🙂

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10 years ago

The gem system was always meh to me, but is still a fun game to play sometimes.