Grand Theft Auto IV will rock our socks come October, but in the meantime, we keep gathering up valuable info concerning the upcoming blockbuster. The latest batch was published in a recent edition of GamePro Germany, and it includes plenty of factoids and goodies for the GTA fan. Check 'em out!

1. Multiple animations when breaking into cars – Instead of the typical punch-and-throw animation, Rockstar says there will be several more realistic scenes witnessed when Niko tries to abscond with a vehicle. This includes breaking the window open with an elbow shot and looking to check for potential witnesses while he hot-wires a car. Wait, hot-wires…? Aw, that's just awesome.

2. More realistic gameplay bells and whistles – Developers say that unrealistic markers and arrows will be minimized and other in-game devices will be employed to give direction to players. Are we talking GPS? Or a variety of little "realistic bells and whistles?"

3. Every street gets named – We think. Developers are still discussing the idea of displaying every street name on-screen when you enter it. Another issue which we already know of is still undecided: Will the city be entirely accessible right off the bat, like with San Andreas , or will certain parts be locked at the start, like with Grand Theft Auto III ?

4. Xbox 360 vs PS3 – Dan Houser of Rockstar says that the idea is to not have any hint of bias towards either platform. Despite any rumors, he wants to re-confirm that both versions will be pretty much identical.

5. Downloadable extras – We figured this was coming. Rockstar reveals that there will be some free downloadable goodies, along with some other bonuses you'll have to pay for. Well, whatever, any and all extras are welcome!

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