We always talk about games based on movies that are never any good. And while it wasn't directly based on any one film, Starbreeze and Tigon Studios' Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay shocked the game world. After all, it was loosely based on the movie and the Riddick character, and somehow, it turned out to be an amazing game. Although it wasn't available on the PS2 (it was only released for the PC and Xbox), we've been hoping for more ever since.

Well, the latest rumor that just recently came to light – courtesy of Game Informer's "Loose Talk" rumor column – centers on this great 2004 title. Apparently, Starbreeze might be working on a remake (yes, a remake, not a sequel) that would feature next-gen graphics and even an additional chapter to the story. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, the rumor states that this new Riddick incarnation would be available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Obviously, as this has not yet been confirmed, we don't have a release date or any other concrete information. But as is, this kind of news is bound to garner some major attention. Escape from Butcher Bay was an award-winning title, remember, so a remake with sweet new visuals and expanded gameplay could just plain rule . We'll let you know when – and if – we stumble across any more details.

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