One would assume that 4.5 million copies sold/shipped is a rousing success.

But when it comes to a franchise like Resident Evil , given the huge size of the gaming population these days, maybe it's not quite so fantastic.

After a whole lot of conflicting reviews and plenty of heated discussion and arguments among gamers, Resident Evil 6 still managed to sell – or perhaps only ship – four and a half million worldwide at launch. However, during a recent Q&A with the publisher (as cited by GameSpot ), these results aren't blowing anybody away:

"Resident Evil 6 continues to generate repeat sales in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, initial shipments set a new record for a Capcom title. So this game has been successful to some degree."

Capcom goes on to say it's "too early to reach a conclusion about how users view this game," which is probably code for, "there are way too damn many contrasting points of view and we have no idea who to believe right now." I can definitely understand that, as that review was just a colossal struggle for me. And it's rarely a struggle, so…

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