Well, this could be bad news for those hoping to see another Twisted Metal installment exclusive to a Sony platform. A rumor is circulating that says Sony is going to call it quits with Incognito after Warhawk is complete.

This particular posting cites both internal and external sources, but it's certainly not official. Apparently, Sony hasn't been too happy with the developer recently, and they're finally planning to end the relationship. And of course, we really have no idea what Incog would do if the ties were severed; a new Twisted Metal title isn't out of the question. Furthermore, Sony might offer to let some members of the team stay on to develop for SCE. But the future is very much in doubt, no matter what.

If Sony officially announces the split, we'll be sure to update this story with the truth. And if that does happen, we do hope Incognito doesn't entirely close up shop, simply because they've given us some pretty memorable games in the past.

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