Everyone was all excited about the Calling All Cars release last week, but perhaps because of that focused excitement, you may have missed something significant.

Quite possibly the most anticipated Store release to this point, flOw released to solid critical acclaim and gamer satisfaction. It originally hit the PlayStation Store with a $10 price tag, and considering the unique and addictive qualities of the little title, that's a reasonable cost. But hey, maybe you're saving up for that big-screen TV, or maybe you just don't feel like paying for both Calling All Cars and flOw when they cost full price. Well, no worries.

For a limited time, it will only cost you $5.99 to download flOw , so if you haven't already, you had best get a move on. This sale will last until May 23, when we assume it will return to its initial price point. It was worth the investment at $10; it's an even better deal at $6.

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