Assassin's Creed III demands your attention. Such a great game deserves plenty of add-on content, too.

You already know about the Season Pass for the game, which will delver all upcoming downloadable content for $30. But there's more: Ubisoft has given consumers the option of two shortcut bundles, each of which are priced at $15.

First up is the Appearance Pack, which unlocks all appearance elements for Levels 1-50. So all character customization, weapons and abilities will be available from the get-go. Even all the player profile emblem symbols will be unlocked. The second is a Gameplay Pack, which gives you access to every last gameplay element regardless of the player's level. All skills, perks, streaks, and bonuses. Obviously, these are for the multiplayer portion of ACIII, which works well enough but isn't the #1 reason to own the game, obviously.

Just remember that you'll need a Uplay Passport so you can unlock stuff past Level 10. Uplay is basically Ubisoft's way of combating used sales, as you have to pay $10 for Uplay if you purchase a pre-owned copy of the game. C'mon, you knew that already.