We had heard that the production costs of the PS3 could drop by $100, and due to this, we suggested the possibility of a price cut. Well, we're not the only ones, as Wedbush Morgan Securities' analyst Michael Pachter has also said Sony could cut the PS3 price. The only difference is, he took it a step further and said it could be as early as this summer.

He further believes the PS2 will continue to be the lead platform in the coming months, thanks to movie tie-in titles that will take advantage of the PS2's gigantic installed userbase. And in addition to a PS3 price cut, the PS2 could also fall again in price by this Christmas.

"It is possible that Sony's cost of production for the PS3 has declined to the point that the company may consider a hardware price cut some time this summer, and we may see a price cut for the PS2 before the holidays," said Pachter.

The big summer movies are spawning plenty of games, and Pachter thinks the PS2 versions of Spider-Man 3 , Ratatouille , Shrek the Third , Transformers , and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will sell the most. He also predicted April's hardware and software sales numbers: overall, they're expected to be up 24% to about $489 million, with the PS3 selling around 100,000 units. That's a number that could increase drastically this summer if the price cut does indeed happen, especially with plenty of great games scheduled for late summer and early fall.

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