Dead or Alive 5 is a pretty damn good fighter in our estimation. Lotsa fun.

And gamers seem to have been swayed by the solid review scores, or perhaps a few were swayed by the…swaying. Well, whatever the reason, according to Siliconera citing a recent financial update from Tecmo Koei, DoA5 sold 580,000 units worldwide in only one month.

That really isn't too bad for a fighting game, especially when it had to go toe-to-toe with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 when it launched in September. As a little comparison, DoA4 sold around 700,000 copies in its first two months, so it seems the franchise hasn't lost its appeal. Although, we have to admit that it still caters mostly to the fighting aficionados. As for Tecmo, they posted a year-over-year rise of 26% in terms of operating income, so that's good news for them.

By the way, there's more DLC slated for DoA5 so get ready for more costumes! They're always fun.

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