Sleeping Dogs was just tons o' fun, wasn't it?

And during an OPM interview with United Front producer Dan Sochan, we learn that the developer has "6 months total DLC planned at this point." Sochan says he wants to give those who purchased the game as much value as possible.

As for the game becoming a "potential franchise," he doesn't really want to talk about a sequel at this point:

"I can’t really comment on a sequel right now. Our main focus is on putting out quality DLC so people see value and continue to want to show interest in the franchise. Then we can evaluate and look at it at that point."

Ah, but here's the million-dollar question- Do fans of the game want more content, or would they rather the team start on a sequel? The DLC won't be free, after all, although it'll be cheaper than a full new title…at the same time, a new game would be an entirely new experience. Personally, I want the sequel; I wouldn't care if it took a couple of years and I'm getting really tired of this massive focus on DLC these days. So raise your hand if you'd rather have a sequel instead of more content for the first game…

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