Sometimes, the most significant game news can pop up in the strangest places.

Thanks to some digging by Joystiq , they seem to have stumbled upon a little news story out of Wisconsin that – get ready – is talking about a game we thought had disappeared. Unfortunately, a next-gen Wolfenstein title had recently taken its place alongside the likes of Duke Nukem Forever as mythical vaporware. You know, those games they keep saying are gonna show up but never do…?

Not long after Return to Castle Wolfenstein (a damn good game, by the way) was released on the Xbox, a next-generation title in the same world was announced. As a matter of fact, some sources even predicted the game would hit store shelves last year, but it obviously didn't happen, and the title has since dropped off the radar. But this news story is talking about motion-capture technology, and mentions that Raven Software is actually still hard at work on a new Wolfenstein .

The point of the story was to reveal Carrie Coon, the actress signed by Raven to play "an elite force assassin" in the game. Well, they're signing actresses, so the game has to exist, right? We think it's time to start looking around for more news and details concerning this potentially great FPS, and that will hopefully include some screenshots! We'll let you know what we find.

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