Say what you will about Call of Duty: Black Ops II …but the marketing campaign is definitely worth following.

Activision sent over a new live action trailer today, which is dubbed "Surprise." No, it's not a surprise for the gamers; it merely showcases the numerous ways you can be surprised when playing.

It features just about everything you might experience in the surprisingly versatile gameplay, and that includes a freakin' horse. Robert Downey, Jr. gets to be a fighter pilot and say, "Guess who brought a jet to a gunfight?" Then there's the dude who sits back and blows everyone up and then faces down a horde of the undead with a shotgun: "Zombies…groovy." And by the way, if you're not immediately thinking of Bruce Campbell in "Army of Darkness," whenever you hear "groovy" in that context, there's something wrong with you.