Think you've mastered the assassin role in Dishonored ? Are you endlessly inventive and creative when it comes to your elimination methods?

Then Bethesda has a contest you should enter. It's the "Show Us Your Killer Moves" contest, where you'll submit a YouTube video of your most impressive combo take-downs. It just has to be less than a minute in length and of 720p resolution quality, and it has to be in by October 31. So you don't have long…

Check the official rules for more information; you should know other important points, like the music should be disabled and direct capture "is a must." You might also want to check out the video below…it's totally awesome, and it'll give you an idea of what Bethesda is looking for.

The prize? A recreation of one of those masterful Sokolov Paintings in the game; it'll be perfect for your home decoration, and it has a value of $250. So get all creative this weekend!

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9 years ago

As soon as I got the possession power I strapped a razor trap to a rat and then jumped inside him and drove him into a guard. Although I died with that rat I still cackled.

I'd like to have "The Obtuse Argument of Lady Boyle"