So now that the Square-Enix Party is over with, what was it
that they announced? A lot of rumors surrounding Sony and
Square-Enix can actually be laid to rest with the wrap-up of this
party, as Square-Enix's announcements seem to have been largely
focused around the PlayStation brand. On

we mentioned just a some of the tidbits to come from the party,
but here's the official breakdown:

was shown off behind closed
doors during the event, and while details on the game still
remain scarce, it looks like Square-Enix will not be releasing
the game on any console besides the PlayStation 3. All we know
about FFXIII is that it's been in development way before FFXII
was even completed.

was also shown off,
and it too will remain a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Again, the game
was demonstrated behind closed doors, but the video shown
featured almost nothing new. Allegedly, neither FFXIII game
featured any new content. But, what we do know about 'versus XII
is that it will be an Action-RPG, and not a full-fledged RPG game
like FFXIII. We're excited.

We've all known about both

for the PSP, as FFI is already out
and FFII is soon to follow. The North American release of FFI and
FFII will come June 26th and July 24th, respectively.

has been out
in Japan for a little while now. But, as we mentioned in another
update, the game has been officially announced for a North
American release. The remake of the PlayStation original features
additional content, such as storyline, jobs, characters, full
motion video, and even a two-player mode.

It's almost become a tradition for Square-Enix to publish an
updated version of a Final Fantasy game in the form of an
"international" release. So here comes

(yes, that
is the actual name of the game), largely the same game, but with
a new job related feature implemented. The Zodiac Job System
represents the 12 new squares added to each of the characters'
license-board. These new Squares will allow the altering of a
'job' affiliation for each character…very cool. It'll also
feature English voice acting and a 16:9 mode.

continues to be
one of the most anticipated piece of software Square-Enix is
working on. It's revelations have been so scarce that the
slightest murmur of the name tends to awake every Final Fantasy
VII fan from his/her sleep. Well, as we've already reported,
Square-Enix is pinning the release of the game for September 2007
in Japan. This beautiful Action-RPG is a prequel that delves into
the lives of Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth, and Aeris and their

has also been
announced for the PSP. The game was originally released on mobile
phones, though to little success. From what we've seen of the
mobile game, it should translate well onto a proper handheld
system like the PSP. We hope to see some visual touch-ups for the
PSP version, but surprisingly the mobile game wasn't very ugly.

is a fighting game
that'll compose of Final Fantasy characters spanning across the
20 years of the franchise's existence. It's in development for
the the PSP and no scheduled release date has been given, yet.

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