Well, at least one developer outside of Quantic Dream has called for better writing in the gaming industry.

Telltale Games' Jake Rodkin informed FMV Magazine that game makers frequently overlook the necessity of quality storylines. The result is a mainstream gaming business that continuously doles out substance-less products.

Said Rodkin:

"Video games, like movies, have got stuck in a rut of just being action-packed, bravado-filled wish-fulfillment. In many games, the script is actually the last thing that comes in. A lot of game developers neglect writing because they think the mechanics and gameplay are more important, which is understandable: but often people fall into the trap of thinking that if enough stuff comes flying out of the screen it will make up for the shortfall in plot and dialogue. It’s the same trap a lot of movies fall into."

Rodkin has been working on Telltale's popular Walking Dead episodic series, which many gamers and critics have enjoyed for its top-tier writing and plot. Rodkin wants to see a return to more "story-based stuff," kind of like what we had in the 80s and 90s when there was "a lot of emphasis on personality and character." …well, I don't know how much "personality and character" the two dudes in Double Dragon really had, but his point holds for certain genres.

And by the way, EA and Danger Close should pay attention .