Free is always good, especially when it makes a particular game a little better.

Capcom has announced a new free update for Resident Evil 6 , which should be coming in December. This update fixes a few small issues and tosses in several new features that should make the overall experience a bit more robust.

You will be given the option to adjust the camera so your field of view is bigger; there will be a minimum and maximum range, and the maximum range should be of great help in certain situations. Ada Wong's campaign will be unlocked at the start and there will be the option of having a player-controlled co-op partner, too. As of now, you have to complete the campaigns for all three characters if you want to unlock Ada's story arc. Lastly, the No Hope difficulty level will be added; you've probably heard of this before. If you desire a wicked test, this is definitely for you.

Contrary to some popular opinion, we didn't think the game was too bad in the first place. It just has a bit of an identity crisis, that's all. Beyond that, it's pretty damn fun.

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