So what did "The Reload," "The Arrival," and "The Aftermath" signify? Something totally earth-shattering as some had hoped?

Eh, not really. After Sony teased the heck out of a big new announcement , it turns out that behind the secret door lurked… PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale .

Not that this isn't a really cool trailer, and not that we think the game will be disappointing. It's just that when it comes to such marketing, one tends to assume they're gonna reveal something we've never seen before. Then again, it is the only top-tier PS3 exclusive for the holiday season and therefore, Sony is right to push it. Furthermore, they need to push it, given the typically stiff competition from heavy-hitting titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Assassin's Creed III .

At any rate, this is a pretty great vid.