The U.S. may have had to wait for MotorStorm , but at least we got an online mode and a continuing stream of updates. The next batch, set to release on June 7, is just loaded with a bunch of additions and upgrades .

First off, they're including a new Time Attack mode that will let players race against their own ghost to see if they can top their lap times. Furthermore, the fastest ghosts will automatically get uploaded to the global leaderboards so everyone everywhere can see your ability. And the ghost update doesn't end there; there are seven total ghosts, including those "best time" ghosts and these slick "Evolution Ghosts" that feature a wide variety of skill levels.

What, you want more? You got it.

Game List Improvement : "Game Status" is now displayed with the game list in the online lobby. This makes it tons easier to find a session and start up immediately.

Host Identification : When you're in the lobby, the host is now clearly identified with the "host" icon, and it'll be updated during host migration.

Boost Exploit Disappears : Players used to be able to exploit the boost feature in a certain way during online play, but they've put an end to that.

Buddy List Size : Too small? Okay, the buddy lists can now support up to 50 friends.

Text Cut-off repaired for Standard Definition : The messages used to get cut off when playing in standard-def (in some cases), but that won't happen, anymore.

Improved Stability Online : Online gameplay stability bas been improved.

Audio Fix : Users have reported issues regarding the 5.1/7.1 surround sound, but those issues should no longer be a problem.

Player Ranking Reset : Yeah, oops. Some bug was causing the rankings to get a little out of whack, so they've been forced to reset them. Evolution and Sony apologizes for this, by the way.

Auto-Start : To speed things up, there is now a fixed countdown that should drastically reduce lobby wait time. The host can delay this countdown up to three times, though.

Save Data Corruption : This is a big one. Apparently, people have suffered data corruption when quitting the game using the PS button. Thankfully, that has been fixed.

Lobby Information : When you're in the lobby, you'll be able to see the current lap details and the upcoming track.

Vehicle Damage Reset : Every once in a while, when you restarted a single-player race after suffering damage, the damage wouldn't always be reset. Again, another fix here.

Missing Audio : Audio effects would disappear during the death camera, but they're back now.

Name Tag Toggle : You can now switch player name tags on and off during online races with the L1 button.

So when the time comes, off-road racing fans, simply head online and get to downloadin'.

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