Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 has already released for the Xbox 360 – and to considerable critical acclaim, as expected – but it's also on the way for the PS3. Gamers definitely have to wait a bit longer, as it's scheduled for an August 21 release, but there are plenty of great additions and enhancements to look forward to.

Here are some of the most significant differences between the two versions, headed by the expected motion sensitivity-

The new version will also feature 14 additional maps (bringing the grand total to 32), 32 new "adversarial multiplayer maps" that support up to 16 players, added weapons and character customization options, a brand new optimizing re-spawn system, new female operatives and "hundreds of fresh game mode options." And for those of you who prefer to play with a pal, you can expect two new Co-op Modes – "Evasion" and "Exfiltration" – with 6 missions each.

Yeah, we'll have to wait a bit longer, but so far, it appears PS3 owners will definitely get the more fleshed-out version of GRAW 2.

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