Starhawk was a pretty solid title with an inventive, addictive multiplayer element.

But unfortunately, developer Lightbox Interactive is shifting their focus and as such, according to Gamasutra , more than half the team's employees are getting the ax.

Company president Dylan Jobe confirmed that 24 of 45 employees will lose their jobs as of this Friday, and this apparently doesn't have anything to do with lower-than-anticipated Starhawk sales. In fact, it's because they want a "very focused and self-funded team" to bring their next title to iOS devices. If you recall, Lightbox was founded a few years back after Incognito Entertainment ( Warhawk ) bit the dust; Jobe made the transition and started working on the spiritual successor.

We have no idea what Lightbox is working on for iOS but we kinda don't care. It definitely doesn't fall into our wheelhouse at PSXE.

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