Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty… Wanna treat?

If you're still playing Dead or Alive 5 , you might be growing a little bored of the available costumes in the game. So the timing of this new piece of DLC is perfect, yes?

Three new costume packs are available for download this week: There's the What A Character pack, which boasts autumn-oriented outfits for Hitomi, Mila, Rig and Lisa. The Special Set features new costumes for Kasumi, Leifang, Hayabusa, and Lisa, and finally, there's the Kitty Pack, so Helena, Christie, Tina and Lisa can don sexy cat suits. That's precisely the correct attire for any fighter, of course. You can either purchase each pack separately or you can nab 'em all in a bundle set; just bear in mind that the latter won't be available on the PSN until next week.

I'm not sure why men are always such suckers for women who dress up like cats. What is it about cats…? Forget it, let's not over-analyze it.

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