All you new PS3 owners in Europe should check out the PlayStation Store today; Sony has updated with several new additions .

You won't get any new game demos, but you will have trailers for Warhawk – remember, it's multiplayer only, in case you missed that news – Rocky , and a sweet-soundin' soundtrack pack for Ridge Racer 7 . In all honesty, that's one game that could probably use another set of tracks; it's always best to rip around streets at top speed when accompanied by your favorite upbeat music. Obviously, the two trailers here are free, and the pack will only cost you EU$3.99.

The translation of the rest is broken, but apparently, Go!Puzzle has been pushed back yet again. Initially, the game had been scheduled to hit the Store some time in April, then they delayed it until May 11, but it seems the title has yet to appear. But hey, Euro-gamers get one of the first tastes of Store updates since the system came out across the pond, and that's good news. Just so you guys know, Sony has been great about updating over here in the U.S. and in Japan, so we hope y'all get the same treatment.

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