If you're looking for a fantasy action/RPG fix, you should definitely log on to the PlayStation Store next week.

That's when Of Orcs and Men will be there, which ought to be mucho entertaining for fans of the sub-genre. There's definitely an added twist or two , as well…

For instance, the "Greenskins" (orcs and goblins) have been defeated by men but the human emperor isn't happy with the victory; in order to avoid any future confrontation, he has ordered the death of any Greenskin still living. And so, you're off on a last-ditch quest – essentially a suicide mission – to assassinate the emperor. Arkail, the huge orc, and Styx, the stealthy goblin, have very little chance of accomplishing their goal.

The two characters will have tandem attacks to use in combat, and the developers have enhanced the RPG aspect of the game, as each fighter will have "different abilities, characteristics and inventory." It's also interesting to note that the team faced an uphill battle getting this project to come to light, as they were told that gamers only want to play as the good guys. But is that really true…? We hope not. Check it out: