They're partyin' in Tokyo! A day before the festivities began, we heard that Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) and Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP) would definitely make an appearance , and then we learned about even more games ( The Last Remnant trailer debuted) during the pre-Party press event . But now, everything is in full swing, so lets get down to business.

First off, we must remind everyone that this Party is open to the public, and it has been estimated that nearly 40,000 gamers are on hand to have some Square-Enix-driven fun. They first piqued everyone's interest by treating attendees to a trailer for Dissidia , which featured Final Fantasy IX 's Zidane going toe-to-toe with Final Fantasy VII super-villain, Sephiroth. They didn't show much of the environment or locations, though, and there is no Japanese or U.S. release date as of yet.

Then, after quickly working their way through some mobile titles ('yawn') and the new Nintendo DS game, It's a Wonderful World (sporting gorgeous hand-drawn graphics in a side-scroller), they hit everyone with a mini-surprise: several clips of past Kingdom Hearts titles popped up on the screen, followed by the announcement of a brand new installment in the franchise. The game will officially appear at the Tokyo Game Show this year, so that's another one to keep an eye on for the fall.

And then, the big one- a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer. We can't wait until that thing becomes publicly accessible so we can show it to you, but the preview showed Lightning tearing through more than a few opponents with ease, and then showed some blonde guy on a motorcycle (no, it didn't look like Cloud) who apparently busted out a Summon of some kind. The reports vary on what he summoned, but GameSpot called it a "biomechanical version" of Shiva. Obviously, the PS3 logo flashed up when it was done…no, they are not planning to bring the game multiplatform, despite any rumors you may have heard.

They moved on through another trailer for the battle-centered Final Fantasy Versus XIII , which featured an unidentified hero going all Bruce Lee through a crowd of enemies. Next up was a brief unveiling of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete , which is an expanded version of the film and will arrive on Blu-Ray disc. But much like the games, it has no release date at this time.

Square-Enix finished up – temporarily – with a preview trailer of the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core , and of course, it's another video we want to nab ASAP. Apparently, the visuals are downright amazing, which is a very encouraging report, and yes, your favorite FF VII characters are involved. The trailer showed glimpses of Sephiroth, Aeris, and Cloud. This one does indeed have a Japanese release date – September 13 – so maybe we can hope for a U.S. date some time this summer.

The Party rolls on, so it doesn't end here. We expect the biggest announcements (if the rumors are true) are yet to come…

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