The PlayStation Home beta trial is the talk of the town, but yet another trial is apparently right around the corner: it's the Warhawk beta, but it's only open to either GAP (Gamer Advisory Panel) or RLS (Retail Training Resource) members…and while we know what the GAP is, we'll just have to assume the RLS is for game store employees only. One such individual received an e-mail regarding the beta and posted it up in the PS3forums .

As you can see, all he has to do is complete a survey to get a chance at an invite. Now, it does say that, "as a member of the RLS, you've been targeted as a potential Warhawk online beta participant on the PlayStation 3 system." This doesn't necessarily mean the beta will always be closed to the general gaming public, but obviously, it'll help a great deal if you're either a GAP or RLS member at this point. Sony singled out GAP members for the Home Beta Trial, too…aw, what about the rest of us?

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