Tecmo Bowl is the classic of classics; the basic football game that garnered legions of fans way back in the NES and GameBoy days. The series made it to the PS1, but seemed to die off after that, yielding to the new simulators like Madden . But believe it or not, Tecmo hasn't abandoned the series at all; in fact, they're planning another installment for next year!

According to the recent Tecmo Nite Out press event, the Vice President of the company showed off a video after saying:

"Just pretend like you don't know that it says Tecmo Bowl here (points to the logo on the screen). Instead of telling you about it, we're going to show you a video that is very memorable."

The video shows Tecmo employees playing the SNES Tecmo Bowl than immediately launches into a brand new trailer for the new title…if we could call it that. All attendees got to see was that it was set for release in 2008 and a logo, which was somewhat anti-climactic, but Tecmo cleared a few things up directly after. First off, they won't say which platform they're making it for ("it's probably not going to be on the platform that you're expecting," they said), and this game will not be a port. It's all original, my friends.

Whenever Tecmo sees fit to release some baseline details concerning this 2008 project, we'll be sure to let you know. Tecmo Bowl is timeless, after all!

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