When you've got a special game like Guitar Hero , with a special controller like that guitar, it's not surprising it faces backwards compatibility issues on the PS3. So far, we have updates and gadgets that have helped us make the transition from the PS2 to PS3, like software update 1.7 and the memory card adapter. But what about Guitar Hero fans? Problem is, when prompted to hit the PS button when a game starts (like the PS3 always asks when you play a PS2 title, but not a PS1 title, for some strange reason), the original Guitar Hero controller has no such button.

Enter the Pelican PS2/PS3 adapter, which finally lets you hit that damn PS button and play your favorite music-based game on the PS3. It's available for $15 – just like the memory card adapter – so it's probably well worth your money. And hey, other games work as well, you know, and that includes Guitar Hero II , even though the adapter erases a few features normally seen when played on the PS2. For example, those hammer on/offs are gone, which could pose a problem.

But at least such a unit exists now. Nothing's perfect, you know?

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