Fan rage and conflicting review scores aside, Resident Evil 6 is still a popular game. It's Resident Evil , after all.

Capcom has announced that the latest entry in the legendary series has shipped over 4.5 million copies worldwide. That's pretty impressive considering the anticipated game just launched a couple days ago.

The publisher claims it's the largest initial shipment in their history, although many will be quick to point out the obvious: Shipped numbers aren't sales numbers. The latter will be the most interesting statistic as we move forward; are too many gamers put off by the controversy? Are they saving their hard-earned cash for titles they're convinced will be better? Most everyone has to prioritize and some might be going, "Gee, do I spend my $60 on RE6 or wait until next week and get Dishonored ?"

Capcom also revealed that total sales of all Resident Evil entries to date have topped the 50 million sales plateau (this one is sales, not shipments). The original game launched back in 1996 and became quite the phenomenon…I remember it well.

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