The highly anticipated Tomb Raider reboot is slated to wow us all in March, and we're all interested to see how this effort fares when it arrives.

One of the most important aspects of this reimagining of the iconic franchise is the rebirth of its protagonist, the legendary Lara Croft. As the game is a prequel, the storyline largely deals with how Lara…well, became Lara. Many trials and tribulations.

And in a great behind-the-scenes feature, Camilla Luddington – the new Lara – talks about how she tackles the role. Luddington appears to be a perfect person as her voice fits Lara's character nicely, and it's always cool to see motion-capture technology in action. They also talk a lot about the story in general, and how important it is to get it just right. Tomb Raider fans have felt a little shortchanged this generation and they're really counting on this reboot to be downright glorious.

Well, it's definitely promising, at the very least.