The new PS3 models are coming our way soon, and we wanted to know how Sony fans felt about the new machine.

Although a few said they plan to immediately upgrade their old PS3 console, the majority said that while the fresh consoles are good enough, they'll be sticking with their system for at least a while. Sounds logical.

It's also interesting to note that a fair amount said they would've rather seen a lower price tag, and just about the same number of participants said they didn't care at all; they just want the PS4. We usually see new hardware models toward the end of a generation; as the technology gets better, they can manufacture smaller, more efficient machines. But at the same time, a lot of hardcore gamers are already looking forward to the new consoles on the horizon. Therefore, the new models may appeal more to the casual audience who might finally pick up a PS3 because it's at the right price, and there are a ton of games for it.

This week, some might say the fall rush officially starts with Resident Evil 6 . So are you getting it? Will you be one of the first people in line? Are you going to wait for reviews? Or are you just passing on it altogether?

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9 years ago

New and cheaper models are nice. I tend to keep my stuff for years until they break, but at least when they do break the replacements are cheaper.

9 years ago

I'm going to wait on reviews first. Look at how Operation Raccoon City turned out so I'm not so sure on this one. Even if reviews are good, I'll wait for a significant price drop since it's more action oriented. I'm going to pay full retail for Dead Space 3 though.
I like the newer designed consoles but if it isn't broke, why fix it? When mine dies then I'll consider a new model but ONLY is the PS4 isn't on the horizon first assuming it's going to be backwards compatible.

9 years ago

I liked the RE6 demo, though I've only played Leon's campaign. There is a little classic RE to it even if it's not in the gameplay, but yeah since it is clearly going for intense shooter and not horror I think I'll wait. Maybe it's just me but the graphics look like a downgrade for some reason too. Looks to be worth about $20.

9 years ago

Play Chris'. It's a zombie shootout! Action galore!

9 years ago

Getting RE6 just not day one as I wait for it to arrive in the mail.

9 years ago

Since I already have a Phat & a Slim, I've really no need for a Super Slim ATM.

And I agree with those good words that my Mama always said….

"Waste not, want not"

9 years ago

I love my original slim PS3, and I just upgraded my hard drive to an 750 GB, so I don't plan on upgrading. Besides I think the new model is ugly. Also Resident Evil 6 D1P!

9 years ago

I really haven't liked any of the RE for some time, so I will probably skip this one. I'm going to be tied up with other games anyway.

9 years ago

For anyone who want's to know, here's a trophy list I found for RE6….

Platinum Trophy
Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 6!

The Longest Night
Complete the tutorial

Gone to Hell
Complete Chapter 1 in Leon's campaign

Buried Secrets
Complete Chapter 2 in Leon's campaign

Get on the Plane
Complete Chapter 3 in Leon's campaign

Big Trouble in China
Complete Chapter 4 in Leon's campaign

The Trouble with Women
Complete Chapter 5 in Leon's campaign

Rescue the Hostages
Complete Chapter 1 in Chris' campaign

Tragedy in Europe
Complete Chapter 2 in Chris' campaign

After Her!
Complete Chapter 3 in Chris' campaign

There's Always Hope
Complete Chapter 4 in Chris' campaign

Duty Calls
Complete Chapter 5 in Chris' campaign

Money Talks
Complete Chapter 1 in Jake's campaign

A Revolting Development
Complete Chapter 2 in Jake's campaign

Let's Blow This Joint
Complete Chapter 3 in Jake's campaign

Still on the Run
Complete Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign

See You Around
Complete Chapter 5 in Jake's campaign

I Spy
Complete Chapter 1 in Ada's campaign

Complete Chapter 2 in Ada's campaign

This Takes Me Back
Complete Chapter 3 in Ada's campaign

Ada's Demise
Complete Chapter 4 in Ada's campaign

What's Next?
Complete Chapter 5 in Ada's campaign

Green around the Ears
Complete the entire game on Amateur

Normal Is Good
Complete the entire game on Normal

Back in My Day
Complete the entire game on Veteran

Leave It to the Pro
Complete the entire game on Professional

Check Out My Dogs
Customize your dog tags

Titular Achievement
Earn 10 different titles

One Is Better Than None
Purchase one skill

Mad Skillz
Max out all the skills that allow you to level up

Silent Killer
Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies

Finish What You Start
Perform a coup de grace on ten enemies

Bob and Wave
Counter an enemy's attack three times in row

Down, Not Out
Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help

Help or rescue your partner ten times

Weapons Master
Use all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them

Give a Little Push
Knock ten enemies off a high place

Rising Up
Earn a level-four title

They're not ACTION Figures!
Collect 3 figures

Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot

Bring the Heat
Take down an enemy 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope

High Voltage
Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack

Zombie Massacre
Defeat 500 zombies

J'avo Genocide
Defeat 500 J'avo

B.O.W.s Are Ugly
Defeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid

I Prefer Them Alive
Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral

Flying Ace
Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it

Hard Choice
Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range

Sneaking Around
Get through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed

Covered in Brass
earn 150 different medals

Collect all the serpent emblems

9 years ago

unles your ps3 is on the way out like mine there really is no reason to get the new ps3.
i prefer it to the slim just because its smaller its allot easier to transport around, but while in use i wish they would of stuck with the slot load drive.
since its top load the drive is allot closer to the top and my god does it make a racket!
i cant use it at night because people are constantly complaining its keeping them up!
think ill have to sell it on ebay and try track down a quieter normal slim model.

another think is the build quality, i mean $ony is not exactly known for making high quality systems but my god the plastic on this thing feels like it came out of a tim tam wrapper!
especially the wrippled plastic it feels so wafer thin a freaking 2 day old baby could rip it off!
i wish $ony would take some leassons from apple!
they make some nice looking hardware, but when it comes to build quality, well, you get the point.

as for RE6 had it since last thursday and am hating every second of it!
as i said yesterday, whole point of this game, whole point of the seperate campaigns, was so they could differentiate the gameplay styles.
then they go and make every campaign mindless action!
i mean seriously, why am i racing through the woods with zombies on my car playing as leon?
why is leon falling down a swewr being chased by a massive monster?
chrisses campaign i could understand, but if this is crapcoms idea of action horror than i cant wait to see what their idea of mindless action is!

never thought id be saying this, but RE6 is actually WORSE than RE5!
at least that had the inventory, looting, puzzles, tense boss battles the series is known for.
it still had some really suspenceful moments, especially the boss battles with the executioner and chainsaw dude.
RE6 though has none of those!
its taken everything good about RE5 and thrown them out the window!
everything bad about it, just that much worse!
and i thought id be impossible to make a RE worse than 5!
well, at least crapcom is proving me wrong.
but in the wrong way……….

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
9 years ago

But it plays your games doesn't it?

Last edited by Killa Tequilla on 10/1/2012 11:23:18 AM

9 years ago

yea of course it does, why wouldent it?

9 years ago

so when that system has a lower price i may pick one up just to do the gt5 multi screen. i have a few smaller screens and 2 systems already. not in a hurry to do it though.

9 years ago

I'd like to retire my launch PS3 in the near future. I plan to wait and see what kind of Boxing Day specials they have on either the Slim's or Super Slim's.

9 years ago

If my Blu-ray drive is acting up, I'll be thinking of buying another one.

9 years ago

I'm thinking about upgrading to the new Slim once I get enough money.

9 years ago

I was looking forward to an improved model, not the other way around. With a noisier top-loading dust magnet disc drive, why go with the new model??