Stuff like that can really shake a developer. But not Crystal Dynamics, a team that is sticking to their guns and maintaining that the initial backlash was unwarranted in the first place.

And we 100% support that.

During an E3 2012 trailer for the new Tomb Raider reboot, there was a scene where a bound (but not quite helpless) Lara was being threatened in a suggestive manner, which some of the more sensitive viewers thought denoted the possibility of a rape scene. But the developers said no such thing happens in the game, and that no fan complaints have changed their perspective of the adventure. That's exactly what senior art director Bryan Horton had to say at the Eurogamer Expo :

"Everything we did has been completely unchanged. This is exactly the same build as we showed back at E3 2012, and the incident happens within the same context. We believe every decision we have made so far in the game is justified by the story we are trying to tell, so no changes have been made."

We'll definitely go with that. There was never any reason to freak out over that scene; given the context, it's not only a possible occurrence, it's probable. And by the way, we're willing to bet that Lara gets her revenge in multiple brutal ways, so to all those supposedly "offended" peeps: Calm down. Really. Get over yourselves.

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