Well, this is interesting. Certain movies could make for good games, but it's rare there's a movie that might make for a good MMO. Apparently, Sony Online Entertainment believes "Kung Fu Hustle" is one of those films, as they've announced the existence of a MMO based on the Stephen Chow action/comedy movie. It's set to be developed by Taipei-baed SOGA studio, and – not surprisingly – it's designed specifically for the Chinese market.

We'll be looking at a production that supposedly includes the "best elements of classic fighting games" with intriguing character design, new technology, and zany humor for fans of the unique movie. You'll actually experience a branching story mode (wow, a story in a MMO) where you'll eventually do battle against some of the crazy characters from the movie. Yup, you'll throw down with the likes of the Landlady, Sin, Sidekick, and the Beast.

There will also be a head-to-head versus mode for up to eight players, and you can even cooperate with friends. None of this makes it sound like Kung Fu Hustle will be a typical MMO, and evidently, that's half the point.

"Kung Fu Hustle represents a decidedly different and exciting direction for SOE in terms of creating territory-specific content utilizing local development talent," said Sony Online's business development and international operations VP David D. Christensen.

Yeah, it's "decidedly different," all right. This is definitely a first for MMOs, right? We just wonder how popular it will be outside of that Chinese region they're targeting…

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