Don't know about you, but this news made my morning.

I maintain that Joe Danger is one of the very best downloadable games of the generation. Possibly the best aside from Journey . And considering the number of great digital titles we've seen on the PSN, that's saying something.

So the fans were a little miffed when the sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie was announced only for Xbox Live. Most don't mind the idea of multiplatform, but to shift exclusivity…? Seemed like a slap in the face. Ah, but it wasn't…we were wrong about that. We should've remembered that Sony has this policy of forcing developers to be quiet about certain projects (although we never know why). Remember David Jaffe saying Sony would never let him talk about Twisted Metal ? For like, a long time?

And so, here it is- Hello Games has announced that the fantastic sequel, which earned plenty of praise when it released on Live, is coming to the PSN. The cool part is that it's coming very soon, like possibly "in the next couple of weeks." Even better, it will boast 10 hours of extra content, and that should reflect some feedback from fans.  Lastly, the developer did confirm that they couldn't talk about this until now, so…

As for the situation at hand (which isn't a "situation," anymore), here's what Hello Games boss Sean Murray had to say:

"Genuinely I've hated not being able to talk about PSN. If I’ve learned one lesson, it’s don’t ever piss off PlayStation fans. They really made Hello Games, and we’re hopefully going to be able to set things straight with them now."

So everything's good. And we can't wait .