If you're a role-playing fan and you haven't tried Dragon's Dogma just yet, you're missing out on a solid title.

Despite it's flaws, it's an in-depth, engaging, and even addictive adventure, and in some good news today, we learn that Capcom will deliver a "full-blown major expansion" in 2013.

It'll be called Dark Arisen and you can see a quick teaser trailer for it below. You can probably guess from the title and what you see in the video that darkness will reign…and you'll have to conquer it somehow. There's a big ol' black dragon in there and a few mysterious statements like, "An epitaph speaks of another's demise." It should prove to rekindle everyone's interest in the game next year.

But that doesn't mean Capcom won't bring us anything for Dragon's Dogma in 2012. Later this year, fans will receive a Speedrun mode, which asks you to finish the game as quickly as possible (so not my cup of tea, but whatever) as well as a new Hard Mode. Both of these updates will be free so download away and have fun.