No idea if it's heading our way in North America but for the time being, we can look and salivate…and wonder if we'd actually spend that much for a collection. Yeah, maybe.

The Final Fantasy Ultimate Box Collection was unveiled as part of the franchise's 25th anniversary celebration and despite one or two odd omissions, it's still a hardcore fan's dream.

And just to pique your curiosity even more, Square Enix has released a new promotional video to YouTube, which – although it's in Japanese – makes us remember the happy times, the time when not only everything about this series was almost unparalleled in the world of gaming, but also a time when just about anything Squaresoft touched turned to gold. Priced at 30,000 yen (European retailers had it at around $450, it seems), it's tough to swallow but oh…the memories…the memories might just make this worth it. It could be freakin' priceless.

But seriously, no FFX-2? Come on.