Gundam: Musou managed to make the PS3 a lot more popular in Japan; the blending of the Mobile Suit Gundam and Dynasty Warriors franchises excited many a Japanese gamer, but we weren't sure when or if it would arrive in other regions. But today, Koei has announced they will ship the game, now known as Dynasty Warriors: Gundam to North America, and it will arrive for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

"Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is the result of a monumental collaboration between two great companies," said Namco Bandai, EVP and Makoto Iwai. "This partnership extends far beyond the title's development and encompasses all disciplines including marketing, sales and promotions in order to bring this unique title to North America. Featuring interstellar environments and unmatched warrior battles, gamers will understand why Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is the must have game for the fall."

Rather than the typical slower-paced world of Gundam , this hybrid title should be able to fulfill the needs and desires of fans from both camps. You'll take on a couple roles in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam , as players will work with both the Earth Federation and Zeon Forces throughout the adventure. During the game, you'll also be able to unlock cool new mobile suits, secret missions, and even different game modes, like "Official," "Original," and "Versus."

Okay, so now American gamers finally get a chance to see what all the Japanese hubbub was about. …and let's hope this one is a whole lot better than any other Gundam game we've seen, and is at least as good as most of the Dynasty Warriors games we've seen.

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