Update: Okay, so it seems a zombie world premier is headed our way next week, as seen in this new preview video:

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Zombies in Call of Duty are almost as commonplace as zombies in Resident Evil .

Activision hasn't been all that forthcoming about either the single-player campaign or the new "expansive" zombie mode(s) in Call of Duty: Black Ops II , but maybe a new teaser trailer (see it below) hints at more info in the near future.

It doesn't show much, but the fans have determined a few things: First, that's apparently the TV from the Nuketown map; second, the grainy, vague content of the picture seems to indicate a zombie invasion. It's sorta creepy so that fits in with the walking dead theory. As for the campaign, we know we'll go back and forth through time but other than that, we're a little hazy on the plot details.

If you've been living in a cave, we should tell you that Black Ops II is slated to drop on November 13 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC (with a Wii U version to arrive at some point).

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10 years ago

Wow, a friend of mine told me this was the case a week ago (my CoD friend). He doesn't even follow video games so I assumed it was common knowledge.

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Russell Burrows
Russell Burrows
10 years ago

Hey to the guy who gave World a thumbs down: screw you!!

Gave you a thumbs up, World.

Call of Noob.
Yawn repeat, recycle, over and over.