It was one of the many "holy sh** this is amazing!" games of 2001 and soon, it might return to the PlayStation universe in digital form.

More and more great PS2 classics are making their way to the Network, and one of the most anticipated is Grand Theft Auto III , the game that pissed off parents and wowed critics and gamers.

The only problem is that a series of complications caused GTAIII to miss its debut as a PS2 classic, so we're all waiting to see when it will finally arrive. Thankfully, if the information found at Sony's Asia.PlayStation site (as noted by Joystiq ) is accurate, we don't have long to wait: GTAIII might hit on September 25, which is a week from today. And that's when the PSN is usually updated, so…

The first delay was due to a licensing problem with the soundtrack (no big shock there) but it seems they've gotten past that. I just wonder if, due to the game's admittedly old-fashioned nature, it will appeal to younger gamers, or just those who loved the game when it came out nearly 11 years ago. …yes, it was that long ago.

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