If you plan on playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops II , you're probably interested to see all the multiplayer maps.

Well, although it isn't official, it seems that list of maps has made its way into the public eye . There are 14 maps in total and you can read up on the details through the link, but here are the names:

There may be more when the game launches on November 13, but we can't be sure. For all those anxiously anticipating its release, we would also suggest signing up for Call of Duty Elite, which delivers extra content and other goodies ASAP. Most of the hardcore fans have already signed up, though, right? Of course they have.

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10 years ago

and the new Nuketown map for preorders – love that map

10 years ago

Just preordered this from amazon today. Got the nuketown 2025 map back.
I can't wait until I get this bad boy.

Gonna be sweet