Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot gave a small hint as to the fate of Beyond Good & Evil 2 in a recent Guardian interview .

And it wasn't exactly what one might call encouraging.

Guillemot said there's a chance the game could return as a digital offering. He was asked if gamers would see a downloadable version of the long-awaited sequel, and his reply was as follows:

You never know. It could happen! It’s a fact that you don’t have to create a game that’s very long, you can take different risks with games."

The implication there is that BG&E2 is no longer in development, despite what Ubisoft has said in the past. It seems obvious at this point that, at the very least, the project has hit a stumbling block or two, and it doesn't appear possible for the immediate future. Plus, it sounds like if it does arrive, it'll be for the next generation as Guillemot was referring to the new era of gaming in this interview, reminding everyone his company intends to make fewer "bigger games."

Beyond Good & Evil 2 might not be considered "big," and it could wind up in the digital realm. The fans probably wouldn't be too distressed at that; they just want it to show up somehow . For the record, we've heard next to nothing about this sequel since it was teased at a Ubidays event over four years ago. Yep, 2008. A while ago.