The man who brought you Mega-Man and helped design iconic franchises like Resident Evil and Onimusha has something new for ya.

That alone should pique your curiosity. Former Capcom boss and outspoken industry observer Keiji Inafune has started a studio of his own, Comcept, and we finally get a look at their ongoing project.

It's known simply as Yaiba (which translates to "blade" in English) and obviously, there's going to be a whole lot of death. As it says in the teaser trailer below, "The dead will die again." In the midst of all the action is a flashy new character that sorta reminds us of the protagonist in WET . Hopefully, Inafune and Co. will be ready to reveal more on Yaiba before the year is out; perhaps at the Tokyo Game Show…? We gotta see more of this slashfest soon!