I've never really been into the Sim games but you know, this sounds awfully appealing.

For all you PlayStation Home dwellers, a new 3D city-building game is coming soon: As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , Home Tycoon well let you "create your dream city from the ground up, explore it at street level as your own avatar, and share your metropolis with friends."

This will test your creativity and imagination to the max, as this will be a living, breathing city with "tons of story-driven missions and activities" to keep you occupied. Vehicles can be driven, there will be over 50 avatar rewards to unlock and earn, and as the Mayor, you'll be tasked with gathering resources and brokering strategic business alliances to get your economy going. There are over 60 unlockable units as well, including apartment buildings, luxury homes, public parks, power plants, research hospitals, police stations and more.

Of course, every city faces its fair share of problems so you'll need to be on top of things all the time. Here are the key features:

Now this sounds like something that could totally own your life.