I'd have to check again, but I believe Borderlands 2 features 8,792,388,415 guns. Yeah, that's about right.

So wouldn't you like your own weapon to stand out a little? No, seriously, your own weapon? You can't design it but you can certainly test your creativity by trying to name it…

All you gotta do is visit this Facebook link , enter your birthday, and wrack your brains for a name. This is a collaborative effort between developer Gearbox Software and retailer GameStop; submissions will only be accepted up through September 18 (which is coincidentally the official launch date for Borderlands 2 ). GameStop will choose the finalists and the fans will determine the ultimate winner. Once settled upon, that winning name will appear as DLC in the future, and GameStop is giving away 100 free t-shirt and hats bundles, too.

This is kinda like that Lays contest where they wanted you to pick their new flavor. It's harder than you think and in this case, checking out that gun causes all sorts of names, adjectives, descriptions, and titles to assault your brain…which sounds best?

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8 years ago

Geez, talk about a gem of a game. Reviews are already looking stellar! Game Informer gave B2 a 98! 6 days to go, is it Christmas or what because I feel like I am 8 yrs old again! 🙂

8 years ago

If you ever find a gun in there that's simply named "Beamboom", know that it is no coincidence. 🙂

Last edited by Beamboom on 9/13/2012 2:32:16 AM