More space is always good.

At Gamescom last month, Sony announced they'd be amping up the amount of available cloud storage for PlayStation Plus members. That time has come; the upgrade will be included in the new system update for the PlayStation 3.

As confirmed over at the PlayStation Blog , update v4.25 will update the Online Game Save Storage from 150MB to 1GB. Remember, though, you have to be a Plus member. If you are, just download the update, go to the Saved Data Utility and access the Online Storage folder. You'll find that any existing game saves have already been uploaded, and if you set your automatic download to upload every game save for every compatible title…well, that's just a nice safety net. Always a bonus.

If you aren't a Plus member yet, we strongly recommend it. Even with little activity, the membership will likely pay for itself in a short span of time.