Well, it appears the anti-game activists, who seek to label just about every gamer as some kind of cold, heartless, dangerous automaton, have been dealt another blow. And really, we couldn't be more proud of our cohorts in crime stepping up for a fallen fellow man.

According to a recent article published in the Appleton Post-Crescent and mentioned over at Joystiq , a community of gamers came together in a wildly successful fund-raiser. They're used to such humanitarian endeavors in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, as the school previously rallied behind a student who was diagnosed with cancer in his bones and lungs. The ensuing fund-raiser yielded around $13,000. And now, they've done it again.

An unfortunate classmate, Tiffany Pohl, was struck by a drunk driver, but will have the benefit of $14,000, raised by her sympathetic classmates. The generous group? The Kaukauna Gamer's Club, who sold $1 raffle tickets for prizes like the Nintendo Wii, and 50-cent tickets to play great games like Guitar Hero , Dance Dance Revolution , and Super Smash Bros. .

"It was successful to a degree that none of us even dreamed of, and we are all deeply touched by the community's involvement," said Club member Tony Bushner.

We're sure Tiffany appreciates the gamers who kicked in and anted up to play some games and help her out. We're also sure we want to see more of this in the news, because quite frankly, the gaming industry needs it. The more insulting and erroneous statements that get made by those who are irretrievably clueless, the more the industry suffers. So we thank the Gamer's Club of Kaukauna, Wisconsin for delivering a big, fat, "so there !" to the videogame naysayers.

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